“World without”

Looking at architectural landmarks through the prism of the modern-day, the World Without series raises the question of modernist and postmodernist architecture’s meaning for modern and future generations. The series consists of graphite drawings and aquatint prints. The works play with contrast and negative space, bringing attention to intricate shapes, adding three-dimensional aspects to the pieces, and allowing them to interact with their surrounding through lighting.  


Neighborhood series explores how people adapt architecture to their needs and comfort. Unknowingly living behind traces of everyday life, making each window different from another.

“Cлово” (Word)

Focus of Слово – is capturing strong feelings such as loss, fear, hope, and many more throw writing. Each work characterized by one word handwritten on it as a part of composition. Artworks picture the destruction of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture brought by Russia and its ignorant citizens. During the war half of the profits will be donated to Come back alive fundraisers https://savelife.in.ua/en/ to help the Ukrainian military. After the war donations will be sent on rebuilding the country.